Contrary to recent claims made in support of concealed carry on The University of Alabama’s campus, the solution to campus shootings isn’t more guns. Nathan James, a student at the university, responds to these claims in his weekly column.

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Why not address the possibility of banning weapons with extended magazines, which were used to kill 118 people since last year? Such weapons were also used in the Virginia Tech and Columbine massacres.

And in spite of the fantasy many gun rights advocates have of a civilian stopping a mass shooter, there has been no recorded instance of this happening.

Only a third of U.S. gun deaths are homicides. The proliferation of guns on campuses could lead to an increase in accidental deaths and suicides, and an escalation of otherwise nonviolent conflicts. Is all this worth the supposed increase in security?

In Pennsylvania, gun violence prevention groups like CeaseFirePA have been outspoken against lifting bans on carrying firearms on campus. Let the PA State System of Higher Education know what you think about firearms on campus.