Guns in Schools Hotline

We all want our schools to be a safe place for our children to learn and teachers to teach. Some Pennsylvanian school boards believe that putting guns in classrooms will protect students and faculty against school shootings. Teachers, students, and parents across Pennsylvania and the nation have voiced concerns about this type of policy. Time and time again we have seen incidents in schools in which untrained staff members have left their firearms unattended, leading to unintentional discharges or guns ending up in the hands of students. This creates a real safety concern that puts lives at risk.

CeaseFirePA is committed to building a safe learning environment for everyone without the presence of firearms in our classrooms. If you have concerns about the policies or safety procedures of your school district, CeaseFirePA may be able to help.

Arming our teachers is not the answer to preventing gun violence in our schools. Governor Tom Wolf and the Pennsylvanian Department of Education have made it clear that it is unlawful to allow teachers to carry firearms yet some school boards have expressed interests in manipulating a new Pennsylvania law to try to do so.

If you know of a school district in Pennsylvania trying put guns in our schools, CeaseFirePA is here to help. We can assess the situation and work with our legal and organizing partners to help fight back against this dangerous maneuver. CeaseFirePA is focused on protecting all Pennsylvanians against gun violence and will work to get you the resources and focused attention needed to keep guns out of our schools.

Send us an email at or call 215-923-3151 and someone from our team will reach out to you shortly.