On average, 32 Americans are killed with guns each dayand that’s not counting suicides, which claim another 56 lives a day. 140 people are treated for gunshot wounds. This country’s firearm homicide rate is 20 times higher than the combined rates of 22 of its peers. Mass shootings occur every two weeks.

What is it going to take for political leaders to do about it?

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Samuel Totten, professor emeritus at Fayetteville’s University of Arkansas and a scholar of genocide studies, writes:

Far too many Congress members seem too beholden to large private and corporate donors and/or too fearful of the National Rifle Association to act in the common good. They will do anything to avoid the possibility of losing votes, including doing little to nothing of consequence when their nation’s own citizens continue to be cut down like so many figures in a video game. We can’t trust politicians to solve this matter on their own.”

And it’s truewe can’t. Nothing will ever stop the carnage unless we stand together and fight for the lives of our fellow citizens. We hope you’ll join us in taking a stand against gun violence.