There has been a major development today that requires IMMEDIATE ACTION.

The State House Judiciary Committee just released a surprise agenda for this coming Tuesday (March 18) and it’s a doozy. They are considering five firearms related bills, two of which are extremely dangerous for Pennsylvania:

-HB 921 would eliminate Pennsylvania’s background check system — a system which the State Police say keeps guns out of dangerous hands and keeps Pennsylvania safe; and

-HB 2011 which punishes towns for enacting local laws to keep their communities safe.

We need you to call or write your legislator to tell him/her that you oppose these bills, which threaten the safety of every Pennsylvanian.

If you are represented by a member who serves on the Judiciary Committee, we may contact you directly in the next few days to talk about additional actions you can take.

If Harrisburg is finally going to consider gun-related policies, it’s time to get to work on measures that will make us safer — expanding background checks and mandating lost or stolen reporting — not the dangerous measures pushed by the gun lobby.

Tell your legislator it’s time to protect Pennsylvanians and take a stand against gun violence.