This Father’s Day was the second that Mark Barden and David Wheeler spent without their sons Daniel and Benjamin, who were two of the victims of the Sandy Hook shootings. Since that day a year and a half ago, according to Everytown for Gun Safety, there have been seventy-four school shootings.

“How could that number not make you outraged? Incensed? Incredulous? How is it that after our beautiful sons were murdered, along with 18 of their classmates and six brave adults,we have seen no major federal policy passed to address this problem? Why is it that we now see summer not as a time of celebration and vacation but as a relief from having to read about new school shootings because kids are no longer at school or on campus?” ask Barden and Wheeler.

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The two fathers have been working with Sandy Hook Promise to promote common-sense legislation intended to prevent gun violence, “with a focus on mental wellness, community connectedness, and gun safety.”