After reviewing the CDC’s statistics about gun violence within America, the Violence Policy Center published a new report analyzing the figures.  In their report, the Violence Policy Center asserts that states with lax gun violence prevention laws and high gun ownership suffer from more gun related deaths than states with strict gun violence prevention laws and low gun ownership.  The CDC’s finding that Louisiana has the highest rate of gun-related deaths while New Jersey has the lowest reaffirms the notion that states’ gun policy laws correlate with the amount of gun related deaths.  Pennsylvania ranked 24th among the states, with a gun-related death rate of 11.28 per 100,000 people.  The CDC confirmed that Pennsylvania’s rate was slightly higher than the national average of 10.38. As highlighted in their report, the Violence Prevention Center contends that these numbers are alarmingly high, especially when compared to rates of the United Kingdom and Australia, which are 0.23 gun-related deaths per 100,00 people and 0.86 gun-related deaths per 100,000 respectively.   From the CDC’s report, the Violence Prevention Center was able to conclude that stronger gun violence prevention laws decrease the amount of deaths attributed to gun violence.