This past week, even as our country mourns with the families of Newtown, CT,  has brought the best out of so many in our community. Incredible courage in the face of unbelievable horror. It’s been so heartening.

But today’s NRA press conference made one thing crystal clear — the gun lobby doesn’t represent our American values. That’s not who we are.  While the NRA tries to deflect attention from real reform and instead suggests putting more guns in our schools, we are calling on our leaders to engage in a real conversation about reducing gun violence and keeping us safer.

It’s clear that we need solutions — even as we write this, more tragic news of a shooting in western Pennsylvania reminds us that none of us is free from the reach of gun violence.

The CeaseFirePA community has worked tirelessly to strengthen gun laws here in Pennsylvania, and to show our local and national leaders that we are committed to enacting common sense solutions to end gun violence. Through our united call for action,  we honor the victims and survivors of gun violence in Newtown, in Pennsylvania, and throughout the U.S.

This holiday season, we give thanks that our movement is strong. Standing together is just who we are.

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Shira Goodman
Executive Director