If current trends persist, Philadelphia could report the lowest annual homicide rate and incidences of gun violence since in decades, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer (read the full article here).

Despite a particularly violent weekend involving eighteen people wounded and two people killed by gunfire, Philadelphia is on track to end the year with fewer than 300 reported homicides, a threshold that has ceased to be crossed since 2002. As of now, there have been 195 reported murders since the start of 2013, a reduction of 27 percent from this time last year and a 37 percent decrease during 2007.

The number of shooting victims is also drastically lower than it was last year. The number of reported shootings was 889 as of Tuesday and represents a 14 percent decrease as of this time in 2012.

Police have attributed the reduction in homicide and gun violence to “strategies implemented by commanders and carried out by patrol officers in some of the city’s most violent neighborhoods, along with partnerships among the police department, probation and parole, the District Attorney’s Office and federal authorities”.