The Philadelphia City Council has passed a bill banning the manufacture of 3-D printed guns, according to the Philadelphia Metro – read the full article here.

On September 12, City Councilman Kenyatta Johnson proposed a bill intended to hinder the increasing threat of homemade plastic guns. Plastic guns pose a significant threat to our country since there is no way of regulating or recording their manufacture or sale. They could also be used to circumvent metal detectors.

Armed with a 3-D printer and instructions from YouTube, anyone can print a plastic gun without having to deal with the bureaucracy of licensed firearms dealers or the risks of a private sale.

According to Johnson, the ordinance is well within the city’s rights to enforce because “The state regulates the ownership, possession, transfer or transportation of guns and ammunition, but not the manufacture of firearms for personal use.”

Shira Goodman, our Executive Director, views the bill as a step in the right direction for protecting the citizens of Philadelphia. “I think it sends a message to the people of Philadelphia that we care about the city and that they want to take steps to protect it,” Goodman said, “And I think it sends a message to Harrisburg that if you’re not going do it, we are.”