Across the country, the gun lobby is pushing bills that would allow guns on college campuses. “Here in Florida,” write Jane Reindl and Jean Cocco in an op-ed, “they’re pushing a group of five bills that would force public colleges and universities to allow hidden, loaded guns on campus, and would even allow guns in K-12 schools. For the safety of our fellow students, we can’t let these bills get further than they already have.”

The entire State University System of Florida opposes concealed carry on campus, they add, and university police chiefs agree. According to a 2009 poll, only five percent thought that shootings would be prevented by allowing students to carry guns on campus. In addition, “95% of college presidents oppose guns on campus. And in 2013, a poll of students at 15 Midwestern colleges found that 78% opposed concealed guns on campus, too.” Furthermore, the presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation involving a woman increases her risk of dying by 500%.

Campus police, educators, and students all oppose having guns on campus. It’s time to speak up and protect our educational institutions from the dangerous, irresponsible whims of the gun lobby.

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