The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives determined that a shocking 19,601 guns were stolen and lost by gun dealers last year.  In an editorial written by Fritz Walker, the Gun Violence Prevention Lead for Organizing for Action, the ramifications for these unaccounted firearms is discussed: unaccounted guns leads to the illegal supply and possession of firearms for criminals.  Indeed stolen firearms are involved in 14 percent of all gun-trafficking investigations.  Walker strongly believes that allowing the ATF to compel inventory checks would decrease the illegal supply of guns for criminals.

In addition to his column, Fritz Walker is urging constitutes of the 15th Congressional district, to contact their representative Charlie Dent to ask for his support to allow the bureau of ATF to require inventory checks.  These checks are crucial in diminishing the amount of lost and stolen firearms that eventually end up in the hands of criminals.  We agree with Fritz that these checks are crucial.

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