A Philadelphia man who illegally sold a gun later used in the murder of Plymouth Police Officer Bradley Fox will continue to serve his 20-to-66-year sentence, as per a judge’s order. Read the full article here!

Convicted felon Andrew Charles Thomas bought nine guns from Michael Joseph Henry, including the Beretta he used to kill Officer Fox on September 13th of last year. Montgomery County Judge Joseph A. Smyth denied Henry’s request for a reduced sentence yesterday.

Henry’s attorney, Craig T. Hosay, argued “that Smyth abused his discretion by permitting prosecutors to show a video presentation of President Barack Obama making a reference to Fox at a national event honoring fallen police officers and by allowing four Fox family members, including his widow and parents, and Plymouth Police Chief Joseph Lawrence, to testify as crime victims,” writes the Times Herald’s Carl Hessler, Jr.

Deputy District Attorney Thomas W. McGoldrick countered Hosay, saying that the impact of the crime on Fox’s family, community, and the nation as a whole warranted the victim impact testimony and later, the “appropriate and legal” sentence.

Authorities alleged that Henry sold the guns in order to support his drug addiction. Between April and July 2012, prosecutors said, he bought nine weapons for $500 each for Thomas. On the application and record of sale for each purchase, he indicated that the firearm was for himself.

Thomas also told Henry that if stopped by police, he “wouldn’t go alive” and that he “would shoot a cop,” said Detective James Carbo in the criminal complaint.

On September 13, Thomas fled from a hit-and-run on Conshohocken Road and fatally shot Fox, who was in pursuit on foot. Thomas then committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest.

Officer Fox is survived by his wife and two children.