In a letter to The Delaware County Daily Times, one of Rep. Stephen Barrar’s constituents, Concord resident Susan Huffington, calls on him to support House Bill 1010. Barrar is the only one of eleven state representatives in Delaware County who has refused to cosponsor the bill. If passed, it would repeal the exemption in Pennsylvania law currently allowing prohibited purchasers to avoid background checks when buying long guns from private sellers.

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Rep. Barrar has already said that he supports Pennsylvania’s requirement of background checks for all sales of handguns and long guns sold by federally licensed gun dealers, but his stated reasons for opposing HB 1010 are debunked by Ms. Huffington.

As she states in her letter, there is no “slippery slope” to fear in passing the bill. “Decades of background checks on all hand gun sales and on long guns sold by federally licensed gun dealers in Pennsylvania have not led to the confiscation of any guns from law-abiding citizens,” she writes.

The vast majority of Barrar’s own constituents support universal background checks and HB 1010 because such legislation saves lives. He should stand with his community.