So, we’ve just come off a weekend where the gun lobby celebrated itself in grand fashion in Indianapolis, and now, they’re hosting a big party at the Capitol in Harrisburg. And this morning opened with yet another mass shooting, this one in Georgia at a FedEx facility.
The gun lobby believes its own hype. They really want to believe that they are winning, despite the fact that our numbers are growing, our folks are calling and writing legislators as never before and more and more Pennsylvanians are committed to making gun violence prevention a key issue in the upcoming elections.

They can have their party at the Capitol. But let’s make sure they know we’re here, and we’re not just watching them. We’re taking action, making our voices heard, growing our movement, getting stronger. We’re not stopping for a little party. We’re pressing on with the hard work of bringing common sense reform to Pennsylvania, and ultimately to America.

So join us in making sure that Harrisburg hears more than noise today. Make sure Harrisburg hears from the Pennsylvanians who want our officials to get to work on common sense gun laws. That seems like a good party favor for those who are hoping to celebrate our defeat. What they still fail to understand is that we’re not giving up.

Please email your state legislator with a simple message:  We’re tired of waiting, and we want them to get to work. It’s time to bring common sense to Pennsylvania, starting with expanding background checks.  We want a vote on this issue.