A letter to The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette expresses frustration with the congressional gridlock surrounding gun laws since the events of Newtown.

Read the piece here.

 Cindy Zeth-Sciulli writes, “For me, Groundhog Day is Punxsutawney Phil … or the classic Bill Murray movie that has become the symbol for endless repetition. But this year it took on some frustrating new meanings. I see Phil and I think of Congress. An ominous black shadow labeled National Rifle Association falls over the Capitol dome — and our terrified little senators and representatives cower in its wake.”

It’s been 420 days since the Sandy Hook massacre. 33,000 people in this country have been lost to gun violence. More than 200 of them are children. We’ve had thirty-six more school shootings. How much more endless, senseless violence do you want to see?

Pennsylvanians, and Americans, share Cindy’s frustration and are letting their elected officials know. This is a critical step forward.

Join with us, and together, we’ll help our country break this vicious cycle.