Dr. Michael Davidson was shot dead last week at a Boston hospital by a man who allegedly blamed him for his mother’s death. The shooter also took his own life. In a piece for The Huffington Post, David Katz, M.D., reminds everyone that grief and guns are a very dangerous combination.

“There is a bitter irony underlying this dreadful story that has torn holes in two families at least. The shooting took place in the hospital where our new surgeon general worked, prior to his confirmation. That confirmation was held up for months and months because Dr. Murthy had stated publicly that guns were a public health issue. So here we are, in the immediate aftermath of that long forestalled confirmation, and a current colleague and former classmate of the surgeon general was shot dead with a gun also used to kill its owner, in a health care setting.” writes Dr. Katz. “The irony is too thick to cut with a knife; you would have to shoot through it. Of course guns are a public health issue, if suicide is; if bleeding is; if emergency surgery is.”

He reminds us that violence involving a firearm is far more likely to result in death, and while he acknowledges the importance of rights related to guns, Dr. Katz asserts that one’s right to life cannot and should not be omitted from relevant discussions.

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