reports that gunshot injuries in the United States resulted in more than $16 billion in hospital care costs between 2000 and 2008, according to a new study – read the full article here.

During this nine year span, almost 276,000 victims of gunfire required a combined 1.7 million days of hospital care. The average hospital stay lasted seven days and cost nearly $60,000. This figure is concerning since a third of the victims were uninsured.

Almost 39% of the victims fell in the 20-30 age bracket and 89% were male.

Study author Min Kyeong Lee said, “The impact is probably much higher than $16 billion since the years of life lost, disability, lack of productivity, societal well-being and emotional turmoil associated with such injuries is far-reaching”

The emotional and monetary costs of gun violence in this country are out of hand. Without sensible gun law reform, the United States will continue to suffer from all the detrimental effects of senseless gun violence.