Under an Idaho law that took effect July 1, almost three thousand state residents with concealed carry permits can bring their firearms on college campuses. Idaho is the seventh state to allow ‘campus carry’, following a growing national trend despite vocal opposition from other students, faculty, and campus administrators. It joins Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Mississippi, and Wisconsin.

Crime research consultant Tom Gabor, who taught criminology at the University of Ottawa for thirty years and studied firearms for twenty, “said he believes letting students possess guns in more places is risky and goes against dozens of public health and criminal justice studies.”

People in the 18- to 24-year-old age range are more impulsive and at greater risk for suicide, he added.

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Meanwhile, students like Angel Hernandez, 24, feel the new law is an unneeded distraction from learning.

“I went to Boise State to get an education. I didn’t go to Boise to go to a gun show,” he said.