This week, actor Vince Vaughn called for more guns in U.S. schools to protect children from mass shootings. But Mr. Vaughn neglected to mention that “by the numbers, it’s not deranged mass shooters who pose the greatest threat to American children; with gun sales booming across the country, and the number of unsecured firearms in closets and glove compartments exploding, these days it’s American kids who are shooting themselves, each other and their parents at an alarming rate,” writes Rolling Stone‘s Joseph Huff-Hannon.

In the last week alone, a three-year-old South Carolina boy shot himself, and a four-year-old shot and killed a man at a South Dakota gun range. The week before that, a three-year-old Utah boy shot his four-year-old brother, and a three-year-old Florida boy shot his one-year-old sister in the face in front of their preschool.

Thanks to the NRA and its allies, we don’t even know how many toddler shooting deaths are even happening each year because we don’t have reliable federal numbers.

“On top of that, few local or state governments seem to have the appetite to prosecute negligent parents or caretakers for leaving loaded guns lying around for their toddlers to find. Even activists in relatively liberal New York State are finding it an uphill battle to pass common-sense laws around safe gun storage.”

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