Since writing a column debating gun laws in October, Dick Metcalf has been effectively excommunicated from the close-knit world of gun journalism. “The fact is,” he wrote, “all constitutional rights are regulated, always have been, and need to be.” The resulting backlash from readers of Guns & Ammo magazine included a call to cancel subscriptions and e-mailed personal attacks against Mr. Metcalf, including death threats.

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Metcalf said in his last column that too many gun owners believed that the constitution prohibits regulation of firearms. But he noted that all rights are regulated, like freedom of speech.

Days after the column’s appearance, Mr. Metcalf’s editor called him with the news that two major gun manufacturers had said “in no uncertain terms” that they could no longer do business with InterMedia Outdoors, a co-producer of his now-pulled television show and the publisher of Guns & Ammo.

Currently, there is scarcely any room for moderate voices on the gun rights side of the debate. But Mr. Metcalf is not the only law-abiding gun owner who believes that some reasonable regulation would be a welcome solution. Other people in similar positions have advocated sensible gun policies before.  We hope more folks like him will speak out so that together, we can continue to strive for commonsense solutions to the gun violence epidemic.