It’s Working

Tuesday was supposed to be the day the House tried to push through HB 2011 without debate. We were in the Capitol with supporters from across PA, and we visited every House office. We had a rousing press conference with mayors, representatives, and gun violence survivors and their families calling for Harrisburg to get to work on measures to make PA safer and stronger.

The House did not vote on HB 2011 this week. This is good news, but we need to stay focused because they come back to Harrisburg on Monday. Can you write a letter to your local paper about HB 2011 telling Harrisburg that bad policy + bad procedure= bad laws?

Our Letter to the Editor tool makes it quick and easy to submit your letter. Here are some talking points to get you started:

-HB 2011 gives favored status to special interest groups

-HB 2011 changes the traditional rules of legal standing

-HB 2011 allows lawsuits even when no harm has been suffered and even when no

threat of harm exists

-The effort to push this bill through without debate is undemocratic and the wrong way to make laws for PA

Let’s keep up the pressure. It’s working. But we’re not done yet.