The State Strategy Summit

THE FACTS: In September 2013, CeaseFirePA hosted a statewide gun violence prevention strategy summit, which was sponsored by the Center for American Progress. 115 volunteers representing more than 40 organizations from across Pennsylvania attended to learn, network and strategize about how to advance the gun violence prevention agenda in PA.

THE GOOD NEWS: We have a stronger, more engaged statewide network working together to advance common goals for Pennsylvania.  We meet regularly, both as small, local groups and through statewide conference calls. We are coordinating activities and actions, and together we are making a difference.

MORE TO DO? Yes! But we’re doing it, every day.  Working together, we are bringing change to Pennsylvania.  Visit our Ongoing Actions page to see what you can do right now!

The Summit closed with a “Commitment Circle.” After a full day of committing to take on various projects and ideas – participants reminded themselves and each other what they will do to move the movement forward. ‘I Commit…’