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Our Mission

The mission of CeaseFirePA is to end the epidemic of gun violence across the Commonwealth and our country through education, coalition building, and advocacy.

Our Work

Elevating the Issue of Gun Violence Prevention in Pennsylvania
CeaseFirePA is a trusted voice and resource for the public, the media, and policy makers on gun violence and gun violence prevention.  We want Pennsylvanians to consistently identify gun violence prevention as a top concern, and have leaders and public policy makers give this issue the attention it deserves.

Gun violence is a critical public health issue in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania suffers more than 1400 gun deaths every year, whether by homicide, suicide or unintentional shootings. PA is  one of a growing number of states where we have more gun deaths than deaths due to automobile accidents.  Our Resource page has fact and stat sheets about gun violence in PA, domestic violence and guns and suicide and firearms.

Consistent with national data, about 2/3 of  the gun deaths in Pennsylvania are suicides. To learn more about why suicide is a critical part of our gun violence problem, click here.

Clearly, we have a serious problem that demands systemic solutions, focused on regulation, policy, enforcement, economics, education and public health.  Our work focuses on policies related to access to and regulation of firearms, but we also engage in efforts and partnerships to address the other facets required to solve this problem.

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Creating a Strong Network of Citizen Advocates
There is a widespread belief that only experts, or people in positions of power, or those who possess great wealth can affect policy. We are teaching Pennsylvanians that they possess the power of a mass of voting citizens who together can raise their voices for change. We hold educational programs to demystify the citizen activism process and teach the basics of advocacy. We empower partners and individuals to share their opinions and stories and make their voices heard on the issues of gun violence and gun violence prevention.

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