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Often people will ask us if their legislator supports or opposes commonsense gun violence prevention policies. We have devised a scoring system designed to give citizens a snapshot of where their elected officials stand. Here are the results.

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CeaseFirePA53 minutes ago
‪The Tamaqua school board’s lack of transparency regarding their reenactment of a policy to arm teachers is shameful.

We stand with the parents and teachers who oppose this policy!!
CeaseFirePA3 hours ago
‪When you’re ready to put a bookmark in the Mueller Report, make sure you check out this revealing article about the NRA’s finances. Not exactly best practices for a nonprofit! Maybe their bank accounts will match their morals — bankrupt
CeaseFirePA shared a post.5 hours ago
This month marks the anniversaries of a number of tragic shootings, including —

🔴 1 year since Waffle House
🔴 5 years since Fort Hood
🔴 7 years since Oikos University
🔴 12 years since Virginia Tech
🔴 20 years since Columbine
🔴 51 years since Martin Luther King, Jr.

If this isn't an epidemic, we don't know what is. These costs are too high.