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CeaseFirePA16 hours ago
"Eddie Eagle isn’t intended to make communities safer. It’s a messaging campaign by the NRA to say ‘look, we don’t need stronger gun laws, we need decision-making by kids.’”

Our Executive Director Adam Garber spoke with The Inquirer about the Philadelphia Police Department's recent decision to partner with the NRA on gun safety education for children.
CeaseFirePA17 hours ago
Victory! The Philadelphia Police Department has agreed to pull the NRA's ineffective gun education program for children and seek alternate, proven solutions. We're grateful to the Commissioner and the Department for course-correcting on this.

Help us keep up the pressure to support community-based gun safety programs: http://bit.ly/takeactioncfpa
CeaseFirePA1 day ago
Philadelphia Police just announced they’re bringing the NRA “Eddie Eagle" gun safety program to Philadelphia.

Yes, the NRA.

Sign our petition calling on Philadelphia Police and Commissioner Outlaw to end this partnership — studies show the program is ineffective, and the NRA has no place engaging with kids about gun violence.

There are solutions to ending this crisis. Partnering with the NRA isn’t one of them.